Afonso Cláudio

Situated in central-west of the State of Espírito Santo, Afonso Cláudio is caringly called “The City of the Waterfalls”.
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The coffee national capital offers amazing landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, great cultural events and typical food.
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Mainly known for the religious tourism and the extreme sports practiced in its region, the city of Castelo offers touristic option for all likes.
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Conceição do Castelo

Conceição de Castelo tells the history of Brazil in a way, as its past and architecture are considerably linked with the routes of the Portuguese Royalty.
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Domingos Martins

Domingos Martins has a strong cultural presence of both German and Italian immigration with their architecture, feasts and also typical cuisine.
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Laranja da Terra

One of the great centers of immigration culture in Espírito Santo.
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Marechal Floriano

The city of the orchids has agro tourism, restaurants, tours and cultural events of German traditions.
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Vargem Alta

In Vargem Alta you can find trails, extreme sports, waterfalls and an expressive production of sweets and liqueurs.
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