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Tourist attractions

Bring your event to the mountains!

Pleasant climate, clean air, traditional delicacies and contact with nature. The Capixaba Mountain Region have everything for your event to be unforgettable!

Weddings, Honeymoon and Anniversaries

The most special moments of your life deserve to stay in your memory! On the mountains of the State of Espirito Santo you have fantastic landscape for your parties as well as the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the intimacy of being as a couple!

7º Festival Cine.Ema abre inscrições de Concurso Cultural para escolas de 13 municípios capixabas

O Festival Nacional de Cinema Ambiental do Espírito Santo – Cine.Ema – realiza o concurso entre os meses de agosto e setembro de 2021 com premiações para alunos, professores e escolas.

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