Hotels in the Espírito Santo mountains have reinforced hygiene measures

As it is a region that concentrates many outdoor activities, such as trails, horseback riding, adventure sports and numerous waterfalls, the Espírito Santo mountains region is an excellent alternative for those looking for a more peaceful place and away from the crowds of people in the big cities.


With the world experiencing the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), many measures are being taken in Espírito Santo and Brazil in order to prevent the spread of people with the disease. In all municipalities in the mountain region of the state, there is no case of coronavirus.

The tourism sector of the mountains of Espírito Santo is prepared so that guests of hotels and inns, in addition to agrotourism customers, coffee shops and countless restaurants, have peace of mind when visiting the region with their family. Care also extends to everyone working in the sector.

Following the recommendations of bodies linked to public health, businessmen in the hotel industry are reinforcing care in the establishments’ internal facilities. The president of the Mountains Capixabas Convention & Visitors Bureau, Valdeir Nunes, who is also director of Hotel Fazenda China Park, stressed that there are no crowds of people in the region.

“We are working normally. The hotels and mountain inns are located in areas surrounded by greenery, with a lot of ventilation and with plenty of space so that there are no agglomerations. We are following guidelines from health agencies and redoubling hygiene in all places of tourist flow, ”said Valdeir.

At China Park, Valdeir reported that cleaning and hygiene protocols and conduct were reinforced. “We adopted several preventive measures, in addition to the recommendations of the official health agencies. We also increased the frequency of cleaning environments, in all accommodation units, as well as in equipment, restaurant tables and utensils. Physical contacts, handshakes and hugs are temporarily suspended, but our usual smiles and warmth will be here to welcome our customers with great joy ”, he guarantees.

The director of Aroso Paço Hotel, Gustavo Aroso, said that everything is normal and with good movement, even with future events being scheduled. “We have been doing the‘ briefing ’on personal and health care in the workplace with employees. We also provide alcohol gel in places where people flow. We have a balanced nature in the region and here is the ideal place to recharge physical and mental resistances, so that we can face this challenge more lightly ”, he reinforces.

Arthur Caldeira, manager of the Hotel Vista Azul, and president of the Tourist Association of Pedra Azul (ATPA), informed that the hygiene procedures were reinforced at the hotel. “Especially in places with more contacts, such as doors, door handles, keyboards and headphones. Temporarily we will keep the pool, sauna and gym areas closed. The recommendation is to avoid large agglomerations, so the tour in the capixabas mountains is an option. For those who do not feel safe, do not cancel, but reschedule your trip ”, he advised.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Dorval Uliana, stressed that all tourist companies must follow the guidelines of the official bodies of the Ministry of Health and the State Department of Health.

“It is necessary to avoid agglomerations and, especially, to keep the care with hygiene redoubled, which is the main ally at this moment to reduce the contagion with this disease. With the health measures of the government, companies and citizens, we will have a rapid decline for this pandemic ”, he believes.

Dorval informed that meetings have already been held with entities in the sector to reach a protocol of what to do if there are any guests or clients with symptoms of the coronavirus. “It is necessary to call the public health authorities to receive the person and refer them to the necessary exams. Hotel employees need to be very well informed about the necessary precautions in their work and also at home, ”said the secretary.

The recommendation of the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (ABIH) is that hoteliers from all over the country do their part, implementing the measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), which can help to reduce the impact of coronavirus in the country.

Tourist attractions amidst greenery

Those who visit the mountain region of Espírito Santo have an advantage, which is the variety of tourist attractions in open places, in the middle of nature and which can be visited every day. See some of these attractions below.


Dr. Arthur Gerhardt Square – It is a place full of history and natural beauty, and is located in the Domingos Martins Center. In the middle of the square there is a giant thermometer where many people usually take pictures, pointing to the temperature, on the coldest days. There are also two other tourist attractions in the city: the Monument to the Immigrant Settler and the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession. There is also a fish pond and a miniature quintungo (used to make artisanal flour).

Cascata do Galo – Who likes a place to relax and be able to bathe in periods of the year when the heat is intense, Cascata do Galo is the right choice. Located ten kilometers from the seat of the municipality, following the “Estrada do Galo”, the place is surrounded by Atlantic Forest and has the presence of several species of animals. The waterfall has three falls totaling 70 meters high. Around there are some tourism developments such as inns and restaurants.

  Parque Estatal Pedra Azul – Considerado una de las principales postales del Estado, el Parque Estatal Pedra Azul ofrece turismo de aventura, a través de senderos, con opciones que combinan la riqueza de la flora con diversas especies de fauna. Uno de los puntos buscados por los lugareños son los senderos que dan acceso a las piscinas naturales, Pedra do Lagarto, Mirante y Pedra Azul. Tiene dos senderos divididos en niveles fácil y medio / difícil. El Easy Trail tiene una distancia de 1.900 metros (ida y vuelta). El sendero considerado medio / difícil, la ruta es de 2.500 metros (ida y vuelta). Se encuentra ubicado en el Km 89 de la BR-262, en Pedra Azul.

Pórtico da Cidade: el pórtico de Domingos Martins se inauguró en 1992 y desde entonces se ha convertido en un símbolo de la ciudad. Diseñado en el estilo Enxaimel, tiene signos de bienvenida en letras góticas, en referencia a la cultura alemana, que ha impregnado toda la vida de la ciudad desde el siglo pasado. Al lado del portal hay una rueda de agua con peces. Es un lugar perfecto para aquellos que quieran llevarse un recuerdo fotográfico del municipio y mostrar la cultura alemana presente incluso en los edificios de la ciudad. Se encuentra ubicado en el Km 42 de la BR-262.


Gruta de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes – La gruta fue el lugar de residencia de los primeros pobladores del distrito. Hoy, el lugar guarda la estatua de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, protegida dentro de un refugio de madera, al lado hay un cartel con las palabras “Aquí descansaron los heroicos fundadores de Santa María”. La cueva tiene una altura promedio de 1.70 metros y una profundidad máxima de 2 metros. Se encuentra en el km 03 de la carretera Francisco Stockl, en Santa Maria de Marechal.

Estación de Araguaia: la estación era parte del antiguo ferrocarril de Leopoldina. Fue inaugurado en 1903. La antigua estación era y sigue siendo la parada del tren turístico de la región. Actualmente funciona como un lugar de exhibición y venta de artesanías locales y productos de agroturismo. Está abierto todos los días. Está en el centro del distrito de Araguaia.

Bomba de gasolina: en el pueblo de Araguaia, una de las curiosidades es una bomba de gas Texaco, construida en la década de 1930, y que hoy se conserva. Está enfrente de la estación de tren, donde solía funcionar para abastecer los vehículos de los residentes. Se encuentra ubicado en el distrito de Araguaia.

 Cachoeira do Zeca – Natural attraction of clear and shallow waters, at most one meter deep. A small bridge made with a tree trunk connects the two banks. There is a jump on a large rock, slowly following and forming a small river beach. The waterfall continues its course descending in an extensive rapids that can be seen at the side of the road. The site features shaded areas, native forest and nearby eucalyptus plantations. It is on the Francisco Stockl Highway, km 04, Santa Maria de Marechal. During this period, the waterfall will operate under reservation, and will serve only 15 tables simultaneously, in an open environment.


Pedra dos Três Pontões – Pedra Três Pontões is one of the symbols of the municipality and one of the most beautiful places in the region. It is attached to the Pedra Três Pontões Municipal Park. Its shape consists of three large pontoons on top of the stone, hence the name. The rock formation is home to some of the typical fauna of the Atlantic Forest and receives tourists from around the world, attracted by the practice of mountaineering and paragliding. With approximately 1,100 meters of altitude, the stone of Três Pontões is 10 km from the headquarters. It is on Estrada do Garrafão, access by road to Itarana, Km 10,5.


Pico do Forno Grande – The Forno Grande State Park protects the second highest peak of Espírito Santo, the Pico do Forno Grande, with 2,039 meters of altitude. A place of special biological richness where rare stones of orchids and bromeliads proliferate on the moss of stones. There are also species of endangered animals, such as the jaguar, ocelot and mono-carvoeiro monkey. At the top of the peak – a preservation area – is a forest that, according to researcher Augusto Ruschi, is the highest altitude forest in the world.


TV Tower Lookout – From the top it is possible to have a panoramic view of Pico do Forno Grande, Pedra Azul and the entire city of Venda Nova do Imigrante. The ramp for hang gliding and paragliding flights is 1,189 meters high on the hill. In the region there is also Pedra do Rego. The access is at km 106 of BR-262, plus 6.7 km of dirt road.

Morro do Filleti – With 1,110 meters high, this hill also has a ramp for hang gliding and paragliding. Access is easy for any vehicle and the location is suitable for hiking. The access is at km 99.2 of BR 262, about 6 km distant from the seat of the municipality.

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