The Winter Festival of Domingos Martins is well known in Brazil and annually brings together great names of Brazilian and international music, from a wide variety of styles, such as classical music, Jazz, blues, MPB and instrumental. It’s music to your ears!

The biggest musical event in the State of Espírito Santo
The International Festival of Winter of Popular and Popular Music of Domingos Martins is the largest musical event in the State of Espírito Santo and one of the most important in Brazil. It was consolidated as an opportunity for improvement and artistic-educational exchange and as an agent that promotes tourism.

The first edition of the event was held in 1992. Since then, it has been improving, aiming at practice, art research, especially in music, offering courses taught by high-level national and international teachers. The event allows the exchange between students and teachers.

Annually thousands of people pass through Domingos Martins during the Festival period, moving the economy and generating employment and income. Until 2018 more than 12 thousand students participated in the courses, workshops and lectures given during the event.

Besides the pedagogy, the International Winter Festival brings together various talents from the Brazilian and Brazilian music, with high level artistic presentations. There have been artists like Oswaldo Montenegro, Almir Sater, João Bosco, Fagner, Emerson Nogueira, Lima Family, Big Beatles, Saulo Simonassi, Amaro Lima, Marcelo Ribeiro, Renato Casanova, Jackson Lima, Camerata Sesi, Band of the 38th BI and Symphony of Capixaba.

The Winter Festival is the visible part of a larger goal that combines the development and strengthening of art and music education with the spread of the Capixabas potentialities, projecting the Holy Spirit on the national and international scene.

In addition to the teachers and students, who come to know the culture and the potential of Capixaba, many tourists attend the event, transforming the city into the “Capital of Music”.

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Organizer: Domingos Martins City Hall
Date: July 10 to July 19