The Festival of the Largest Café in the World to be held from September 28 to 30, 2018 aims to create a tradition and highlight the cultural identification of the people of Brazil with agriculture and more specifically with coffee. In the state scenario the municipality is already recognized as the “State Capital of Arabica Coffee” through Law 9,848 / 12 and now this recognition begins to arrive also in the national scenario through the “KnowHow” and technical content produced by technicians and coffee growers.

The realization of an event that will mix exchange of knowledge and cultural leisure will be very important to be able to seek such consolidation at a national level.

Geographically the municipality of Brejetuba is located in the Southwest Serrana region of the State of Espirito Santo and turistically it is inserted in the tourist region Capixabas Mountains.

Its relief is mountainous and therefore some well-known tourist points, such as: The Pedras de la Torre, Submarine Rock and Top of the Vulture are highly sought after for walking and Moto, also for the practice of free flight.

It also has the Recreational Club “Recanto das Águas” which offers recreation areas, camping, and ecological trail. In the context of the agribusiness of Espírito Santo, coffee cultivation is an increasingly present reality for the economy of several municipalities, mainly in the region of the Capixaba mountains.

As the coffee industry is publicized and exhibitions, fairs, excursions and courses are held, it is observed that the activity is improving and having countless technological advances.

The adoption of new technologies is a necessity and a path without a return to any productive sector, it would not be different for the coffee sector, being in the vanguard is important so that a pioneering and extremely important path can be built for those who come later.

With this in mind the Municipality of Brejetuba has already held several meetings and technical events for the local public for several years, it is time to expand the borders and create an opportunity to absorb knowledge, technology and expand market space.