Alto Caxixe was a typical inland community, population mostly Italian. They had agriculture as a source of income and the Catholic church as the source of their faith. On Sundays they met in community, prayed there, thanked God, had a moment of leisure, and sought ways to bring growth and evolution to the community. They had a council of the church, which was formed by a small group of farmers and, around 1986, with the support of the members of Emater, now called Incaper, everything started … They created the Tomato Feast!

Initially the party started small, in the courtyard of the Catholic church, without structure. Farmers brought the vegetables they produced on their estates and formed a large vegetable bank, where the best produce of each variety was awarded, and thus sold to the visitors. The women farmers took care of the food and the cooking, a tent where they had many tomato-based products. Every profit gained at the party was returned to the development of the community.

Years and years passed, agriculture was strengthened and tomato became a regional highlight, later state and currently has national prominence. The party followed this evolution, was taking larger proportions and adding the strength and work of the community, plus the support of public agencies, in 2016, the Tomatão Event Center was inaugurated, where the Tomato Festival is currently held.

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Organizer: Community Development Council of Alto Caxixe.
Date: February 01 to 03