Sommerfest is one of the most awaited events by Domingos Martins residents. The Festival remembers the arrival of the first immigrant families to the region, in January 1847. On the occasion, several attractions are allusive to the date and represented by descendants of immigrants residing in the municipality. Typical ornaments in the colors of the flags of Germany (black, red and yellow) and Domingos Martins (blue, red and yellow) are one of the attractions in the city during the event.

The varied program promises to please residents of the municipality, descendants of immigrants who already have a culture to maintain the German tradition, and also to all visitors who are present.
On Sunday (26) at 9 am there will be a Celebration at the German Colonization Landmark – BR 262, Biriricas, officially opening the festival.

The attractions include the traditional cultural procession, presentations by various cultural dance groups, the Queen’s and Princesses’ Sommerfest contest and parade, the twentieth year of the woodcutter’s contest (a fun attraction) and much more. The attractions will take place on the stages that will be positioned around Dr Arthur Gerhardt Square and also João Batista Wernersbach Street (Leisure Street).

The traditional and colorful parade, where participants dress in typical costumes, is open and free for participation. It is not necessary to make a prior registration, just look for the Culture and Tourism Department to receive guidance on how to participate.

Program of the 31st Sommerfest – German Immigration Festival – 2020

January 26 (Sunday)
9 am: Ecumenical Celebration at the German Colonization Landmark – BR 262, Biriricas

January 30 (Thursday)
6:30 pm: Cultural Parade – City Streets = The Traditional Pomeranians + Rheinland Dance Group + Children’s Group Der Fröhliche Kreis – Main Stage
7 pm: Der Fröhliche Kreis Children’s Group – City Streets
7:30 pm: Official Opening – Main Stage
8 pm: Sommerfest 2020 Queen Contest – Main Stage
9:30 pm: Rheinland Dance Group (DM) – Main Stage
10 pm: The Traditional Pomeranians (DM) – Main Stage

January 31 (Friday)
18h: 1st stage of the Lumberjack Competition – Bandstand
19h: Martinense Cultural Group (DM) – Main Stage
7:30 pm: Grupo Hügelmänner Plattler (DM) – Main Stage
8:30 pm: Up Pommerish Band (Vila Pavão) – Main Stage
10:30 pm: Blumen der Erde Volkstanzgruppe (DM) Dance Group – Main Stage
11pm: Banda Fröhlich (DM) – Main Stage

Leisure Street
19h: Kindertanz Group (MF)
7:30 pm: Grünes Tal Dance Group (MF)
8:30 pm: Grünes Tal Schuhplattler (MF) Group
21h: Pommerisch Von Minen Group (MG)

February 1 (Saturday)
8:30 am: Sauerkraut pedal, leaving the Dr. Arthur Gerhardt square
12:00 pm: Eden Show of Alemão Ein Prosit (DM) – Main Stage
13h: 2nd stage of the Lumberjack Competition – Bandstand
3 pm: Angelino Zaager – Melgaço Concertina (DM) – Main Stage
16h: Banda Up Pommerish (Vila Pavão) – Main Stage
18h: Cultural Parade – Main Street
7:30 pm: Bergfreunde Folk Group from Campinho in the Enchanted Forest of Irmãos Grimm (DM) – Main Stage
9 pm: Banda Super Fritz (SMJ) – Main Stage
11pm: Banda Fröhlich (DM) – Main Stage

Leisure Street

13h: Read from the Accordion (DM)
15h: Apae Dance Group (DM)
3:30 pm: Bluttenlatter Tal Dance Group – (DM)
4 pm: Gruppo Folcloristiko Pietra Azzurra (DM)
4:30 pm: California Dance Group (DM)
8:00 pm: Fauhan Group (Vila Pavão)
9 pm: Os Pomeranos Group (Santa Maria de Jetibá)

February 2 (Sunday)
9h: Alvorada – Martinense Cultural Group and Os Pegajosos (DM) block – City Streets
12:00 pm: Pormmerweg’s Metals Band from Melgaço (DM) – Main Stage
13h: Rheinland Children’s Dance Group (DM) – Main Stage
1:30 pm: Tanzfreude Youth Dance Group (DM) – Main Stage
14h: Daniele da Concertina – (DM) – Main Stage
3pm: Banda Fröhlich (DM) – Main Stage
17h: End of the Lumberjack Contest – Bandstand
19h: Metal Band Pommerchor de Melgaço (DM) – Main Stage
8 pm: Band The Traditional Pomerans (DM) – Main Stage

Leisure Street
12:00 pm: Frau Carolin Group (Itarana) – Pomeranian Wedding
1 pm: Pilger der Hoffnung Dance Group (Cariacica)
14h: Edelstein Dance Group (Lajinha da Pancas)
3 pm: Land der Wasserfalle Group (Afonso Cláudio)

Note: schedule subject to change.