Domingos Martins is located in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo and less than 50 km from the state capital, Vitória. It is one of the municipalities with the largest territorial extension in the state and its main attraction is the geological “Pedra Azul”.


November 12, 2020

Domingos Martins is located in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo and less than 50 km from the state capital, Vitória. It is one of the municipalities with the largest territorial extension in the state and its main attraction is the geological “Pedra Azul”, with just over 1,800 m in height and one of the main tourist points of Espírito Santo. We can say that, in less than 1 hour, we left the green sea, to tear the mountains, which give access to the green mountain valley.

Domingos Martins is divided into six districts which are Sede (Centro), Santa Isabel, Paraju, Melgaço, Aracê and Biriricas; Aracê being the best known and where is the village of “Pedra Azul“, which concentrates the best hotels and inns in the region. Location of the famous tourist spot in the municipality, providing its visitors, upon awakening, the incredible view of the region’s nature.

But this is not the only attraction. In the central area of ​​the city there are buildings with Germanic style facades, a legacy left by German immigrants who settled in the region in the 19th century.

The municipality’s main activity is agriculture, followed by tourism and rural inns that develop agrotourism. The place is one of the main producers of strawberries, fresh produce, coffee and bananas in the state of Espírito Santo.

Rural tourism is highlighted with beautiful properties that produce their own products used in food and in preparing typical foods. There are several inns, restaurants, tea houses, among other establishments that produce organic food. It is possible to purchase and try on the properties where delicious cheeses, liqueurs, wines, breads, biscuits, sweets and other products are hosted 100% right there.

Check out six must-see attractions to enjoy there:

Located in the city center, at Rua João Batista Wernersbach, known locally as Rua de Lazer, it offers several options for entertainment, food and shopping for both locals and tourists visiting Domingos Martins in search of a souvenir and fun.

The Pedra Azul State Park

it has an area of ​​approximately 1,240 hectares and was created to protect significant samples of Atlantic Forest in the region, where the granite and gneiss rock formations stand out in the state of Espírito Santo. Home to one of the most important postcards of the state, the famous Pedra Azul, which is 1,822 meters long, in addition to Pedra das Flores, with 1,909 meters of altitude, together with Pedra Azul is Pedra do Lagarto.

The fauna is diversified, counting on animals such as armadillo, giant anteater, ocelot, araponga, red deer, trinca-iron and thrush, as well as some endangered species such as marmoset, jaguar and bearded monkey.

The Blue Stone changes color according to the position of the sun throughout the day. At its summit it is possible to bathe in natural pools that are at the highest part of the mountain formed by the action of rainwater over millions of years.

The House of Culture

Inaugurated in 1983 and listed by the State Historical Patrimony in 1986. The Domingos Martins Historical Museum is located on the site, with a collection of books, documents, photographs, furniture and domestic utensils related to the German and Italian colonization of the municipality.

The Municipal Library

Founded 50 years ago, the library has more than 20,000 titles, including rare and foreign works, mainly German. In addition to daily activities, the library maintains a varied program of actions and events aimed at reading, such as reading circles, storytelling, soirees, among others.

The Rapids of the Jucu River

The Jucu River rises in the mountain region of the state, more specifically in the region of Pedra Azul in the municipality of Domingos Martins, covering a distance of 90 km until it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a river with an average volume of water, in the initial stretches it is fast and with constant rapids often used for rafting.

It is a historic river, it allowed the exploration of the interior of Espírito Santo and received this name through the Indians who lived in the region, the name Jucu coming from a tree typical of the region.

The Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession of Domingos Martins

It is the first evangelical church in the country to have a tower. At the time of construction, in 1866, the Brazilian Imperial Constitution prohibited towers in evangelical churches, only allowing them in Catholic ones. It was inaugurated on May 20, 1866 and listed by the State Historical Patrimony. It is located next to a cemetery on Arthur Gerhardt Square located in the city center of Domingos Martins.

a good surprise is the Hotel do Sesc built entirely in Enxaimel style, surrounded by lush native forest, with swimming pool, large apartments, a kilo restaurant with spices from the farm and daily rates from R $ 350.00 the couple, with breakfast and evening a buffet with broths and soups. The building is imposing and is located in a protected environmental area, surrounded by lots of nature and fresh air.

For those who prefer something less intimate and more focused on the family, they can drive some 20 kilometers from the central area of ​​Domingos Martins and stay at the Hotel Fazenda China Park, a mix of club and resort, where children find tutoring, games, trails, scavenger hunts , a large water park with pools and slides, cable car, a heated pool, games room and dozens of alpine chalets that tear through the rugged mountains and fishing lakes, as well as a playground.

Everything is gigantic in this venture, which works with two accommodation systems, daily with breakfast or full board. For those who opt for the simple pension, you can make meals per kilo, including the afternoon a full afternoon tea is served with more than 40 options of sweets, fruits, cakes, juices. Meals may gain more attention in the presentation, and the mobility and logistics of the project was not designed with people with special needs in mind. But the entrepreneur deserves to be highlighted for being a visionary and entrepreneur, transforming an eucalyptus area into a resort for large families.

Romantic roads, lush landscapes, farms with wooden houses and chimneys, lots of water, many rivers and a mountain region to be explored and contemplated. In fact, the Holy Spirit is a true state of mind!


How to get

Domingos Martins is just 42 kilometers from Vitória, following the BR 262 highway towards Vitória – Belo Horizonte. The other access road to the city is Rodovia BR 101 (coming to Vitória) and then following BR 262.

Where to stay

Hotel Fazenda China Park

Sesc Domingos Martins

Pousada Rabo do Lagarto

Where to eat

Mãe Divina Natural Restaurant

Don Due Restaurant

Text by: Cláudio Lacerda Oliva.

Photos: Márcio Auriema and Carlos Younes.

Qual Viagem traveled to Espirito Santo at the invitation of the tourism secretary with the support of ABAV and SEBRAE – ES.


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