The Municipality of Castelo informs the population that the financial support for the “Paraglider World Cup” stage, held by the Capixaba Federation of Free Flight – FCVL, which would take place between March 24 to April 4 in Castle.


conducted by the Capixaba Federation of Free Flight – FCVL, which would take place between March 24th and April 4th in Castelo.

The measure became necessary due to current events, such as the worldwide epidemic of the coronavirus and the reconstruction of the municipality, after the biggest flood in the history of Castelo.

“The municipal executive understands the importance of the event for the development of sport and tourism in our region, he also understands that at the moment the event would be significant for trade, but the concern with the health of the castelenses will always come first. The free flight is a dream for Castelo, but the health of the population is our duty ”, explained the Mayor, Domingos Fracaroli.

Since the end of December, the epidemic of the new coronavirus has left more than 80 thousand people infected worldwide and has caused a wave of relationships, such as closing tourist places and canceling events in the most diverse areas. Brazil already has more than 400 suspected cases of the disease. During the event 120 pilots from approximately 40 countries would pass through Castelo.

According to the deputy mayor, Éverton Zanúncio, at the moment the cancellation of the event was the most sensible position to be taken. “We are experiencing a critical moment in the reconstruction of the infrastructure of our municipality, in addition to the epidemic situation of the coronavirus that concerns the population. After a lot of conversation and a rigorous evaluation, that was the best decision ”.


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