Conceição do Castelo

Trilha Imperial – Jequitibá Centenário

The Trilha Imperial (Imperial Trail) of Conceição do Castelo was one of the routes used by Dom Pedro II in the era of Colonial Brazil to go and return from Minas Gerais to the Brazilian coast. It is much used for light walks in contact with nature and for bathing – since it has several […]
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Afonso Cláudio

Vale do Empoçado

A magical place that inspires serenity. Vale do Empoçado (Empoçado Valley) attracts year-round tourists mainly for relaxing walks, offering a wonderful view of the region’s impressive rock formations. It also offers the possibility of bird watching and the practice of extreme sports such as rappelling and climbing. Great place for contemplation and meditation.
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Venda Nova do Imigrante

Altezza Brewery

Altezza Brewery and its restaurant are located in a genuine, elegant and informal colonial mansion, at 1100m altitude, overlooking a beautiful landscape of the Mountains. In the process of producing beers and draft beer, special malts, imported hops and yeasts are used, as well as the pure water of the region, which give Altezza Beers unique flavors and aromas.
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