The Sítio Baixa Verde is located in the municipality of Marechal Floriano, in Espírito Santo, started from the state project of rural lodging called “Cama e Café”, through which the guest has the opportunity to experience the pleasures of rural life, the Rural daily life. Amid an environment of pure nature, the Site offers a beautiful and pleasant green space, with many plants, gardens, fruit trees, lakes and a small waterfall. It is the ideal place for those who enjoy the quiet, the simplicity of the countryside and the mountain climate. In winter the temperature varies between 03 and 25 degrees.

In the Lower Green Room breakfast is served from the farm and breakfast is homemade for guest (upon reservation). If you prefer, you can prepare your own food.

In the surroundings of the Site, there are trails in the forest that lead to Cachoeira das Grutas.

Tourist Offers: Rural lodging; Sale of tropical flowers; football field; pool; pool table; Space for events; Trail in the caves waterfall; Lake for fishing; Cycling tour with prior appointment;


Open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 09h to 17h and lodging every day with prior appointment.