The Nossa Vida Restaurant is a dream born from the desire to value and give continuity to the traditions brought to the end of the 19th century by Italian immigrants, and which are still part of the routine of many families of Venda Nova do Imigrante.
We, the brothers Ademar, Elda, Ione, Isabel, Lúcia and Regina, supported by this great family led by Grandpa Ambrósio, are the front of this dream that began to take form in 2013 with the purchase of old houses belonging to other families of the region . Part of them today is standing composing a new house that preserves much more than the architectural forms of the time, our walls keep stories that have been told more than a century ago, and are ready to be part of so many others that are to come.

Our Sunday lunch is now open every day of the week for those who want to savor that simple and delicious food in a cozy atmosphere as only Grandma Lucina’s house could offer.

Come to know our space, let us all be part of this story!

“Our Life!” Was an expression that nonna Lucina, in her last years of life, used for any situation. From joy when receiving a visit, to catch the attention of the boys who ran down the street. “Our life,” was the way she passed on all her feelings and, by the way she said, made herself understood by those who loved her the most: sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Our work today is Monday through Monday:
Snack bar: 09-17h
Self service lunch: 11-15h
Come and meet us in person