Reserva Kautsky (Kautsky Reserve) has 300,000 m² of preserved Atlantic Forest and more than 100,000 plants of the region, including orchids and bromeliads, planted in the forest or protected in greenhouses. The property belongs to the Kautsky family and was the study site of the self-taught orchidophile and bromeliad expert Roberto Anselmo Kautsky, an important capixaba scholar who contributed to the protection of Brazilian fauna and flora. In the reserve is the Pico do Eldorado (Eldorado Peak), which has an altitude of 850m and has more than 15 walking trails, and the Capela da União (Union Chapel), an ecumenical temple. From the top of the Eldorado Peak it is possible to observe the Terceira Ponte (Third Bridge), which connects the capital Vitoria to the city of Vila Velha.