Picnic Chocolates is a multi-brand chocolate shop located in one of the best climates of the Capixaba Mountains, in a charming and cozy environment.

Set in a typically German house built in 1901 in the half-timbered style, Picnic’s goal is to provide a unique experience for families and friends.

In addition to regional delicacies, renowned brands and unique flavors products, the chocolateria offers a picnic area and colonial coffee so that everyone can enjoy the climate with the convenience to build their basket and also have an environment prepared to provide the best souvenirs.

With 40 years of tradition, the famous Prawer and Chocolates Planalto brands come from Gramado / RS to complement the climate of the Espírito Santo region. At Picnic you can also savor the exotic flavor of the Amazonian Fine Chocolates produced with ingredients typical of the Brazilian Amazon and the delights of the Argentinean brand Havanna, which for 70 years has been synonymous with dulce de leche and alfajores.

Originally Uruguayan, MukliAlfajores delivers all the flavor of the Sierra Gaúcha chocolates and the Uruguayan milk candy in a homemade recipe with an irresistible flavor.

The Picnic, valuing its origin and culture of the city, made a selection of regional flavors that appeal to all paladares.Com handmade cookies and with a lot of affection, Claid’s Biscoitostraz all the family tradition of 27 years and a variety of flavors and sensations .

Directly from Rio Dulce-laced farms and from a selection of gourmet cocoa almonds, Cocoa Spirit chocolates are high in cocoa and rich in flavor and aroma.

Awarded at the Chocolate Hall in Paris in 2013 and with past recipes from generation to generation, Terra Cacau chocolates are produced with selected almonds among the seven best in Brazil and among the 50 best in the world, thus guaranteeing the quality of a real chocolate from planting to packaging.