In the park, at 2,039 meters of altitude is the Pico do Forno Grande (Forno Grande Peak), a rocky mass that resembles the towers of a great castle and that is the second highest point of Espírito Santo, known in every region since the pioneers of this land. On one side, it is possible to see the Pico da Bandeira, and on the other, the sea and the coastal cities. The pleasant climate is an invitation to walk along its trails that reveal magnificent and unforgettable landscapes.


The whole tour must be scheduled in advance of at least 24 hours (1 day), and should always be accompanied by
an IEMA park ranger.

Contact: (28) 3542-3257 Email:

Opening Hours:
The opening hours are from 8:00 to 17:30.
Attention: The departure time for the tour on the trails is from 9am to 13:30 p.m., and no other departures are taken.

Maximum size of groups: the tour can be done by groups of a maximum of 40 people to Cachoeira and Gruta da Santinha, and a maximum of 20 people to the Yellow Pools and the belvedere.


The park has a structure open to the public, with visitors center and easy access trails. The visitor center has restrooms, drinking fountains and collections of fauna and flora. The park also has a restricted lodging for researchers, with
beds, mattresses, kitchen and bathroom.There is no camping or snack bar inside the park, but there are inns and restaurants nearby which offer various services and leisure areas.


Access to the Park is done by dirt road of good state of conservation.

Distances in Km:
– From Pedra Azul, passing through Alto Caxixe to the PEFG. 28km
– From the State Treasury Clover, through Caxixe Frio to PEFG. 23km
– From Pedra Azul passing through São Paulinho do Aracê to PEFG. 28km
– From Cachoeiro, passing through São Paulinho do Aracê to PEFG. 77km
– From Castelo, passing through Fazenda da Prata to the PEFG. 32km
– From Castelo, passing through Limoeiro to the PEFG. 42km.
* There are signs indicating the path.