Parque Estadual da Pedra Azul (Pedra Azul State Park) has 1240m² with several tour options, including walking. The Park was created in 1991 to protect the natural heritage of the region, mainly the famous Pedra Azul (Blue Stone), a rocky formation of granite that draws attention to distance. Among the most sought after tours in the Park are the trails that lead to the natural pools, the Pedra do Lagarto trail, the Mirante trail and the Pedra Azul trail. The park is rich in biodiversity, having about 51 species of bromeliads, 126 orchids, 182 species of birds and other animals, such as monkeys, sloths and a few ounces. The Pedra Azul has this name due to the fact that, depending on the incidence of sunlight, its color may change, sometimes being blue, green and even yellow.