Fjordland’s facilities offer various activities based on environmentally responsible principles, where leisure meets environmental education and sustainable development in the region.
Visitors will be able to interact with the natural environment and its various attractions such as:

 Practice the Ecological Horseback Riding on trails that border the Blue Stone;
 During the harvest period, monitor the production process of Café Orgânico Heimen and the creation of the Fjord horses, understanding the integration between both;
 Know the areas of reforestation and protection of water resources;
 Discover the Kitchen-School where several courses open to the community are offered;
 Visit our Stables with several domestic animals;
 See the Organic Garden and the nursery of medicinal plants and herbs;
 Consult the Library with several titles related to environmental education, ecology, horse breeding, among others;
 The Auditorium is a large space for conventions and business meetings.
 The Tulha space, where Heimen Organic Café was stored, has been redesigned. The place was adapted to receive a cafeteria, under the responsibility of the barista and roast master Vagner Uliana.