FABRICCA FASHION was started 15 years ago, more precisely in April 2002.

Since I was a little girl I used to go to the city where my mother and brothers were born, and I always identified with her.

I loved coming with my grandfather, of stocking, where the BR-262 at that time was beginning to be built and spent days in Santa Isabel and Valquíria Farm.

When I had the opportunity to acquire a property to spend the weekend, I opted for the mountain region because the memories of childhood were dormant and wonderful.

At first I came every weekend and I was getting more and more enchanted by what the city of Domingos Martins offered me, and as soon as I retired, I decided to live here more precisely in Parque das Hortências.

As a work since I was 16, being idle did not suit me, so I researched and decided to open the store.

The name FABRICCA came from the beginning of the store, we did courses directed to the craft and we began to produce candles and perfumery material. Over time we feel the need to add new products and change the focus of our store. We add the FABRICCA the FASHION that we maintain until today, and that already is a registered mark according to the prevailing legislation.

We work with garments, accessories, modelers, beauty products, home products, pajamas and slippers. The target audience is female but we have some parts in the male. Our focus is a more adult profile and we also have broad modeling.

Since the region is cold, our winter is very heavy with parts from the south of Brazil, such as leather, beaten wool, knitwear, gloves, caps and skins.

We are looking for customers from all over the state to buy cold products because our store is already a reference in differentiated parts for international travel.

We are delighted to welcome our customers and make new customer friends, because over these 15 years, we just have to thank God for the success of our store.