The Else brewery is the first company to produce artisan beers in Espírito Santo. Its factory, which is located Viana, currently produces two versions: Classic and Jacaranda. The brewing process of Else respects the Law of Purity of Bavaria, in which the only raw materials used are: Malt, Hops, Brewer’s Yeast and Water. It does not have the addition of any chemical such as: preservatives, stabilizers and dyes.
Our production cycle takes about 20 days and goes from cooking and boiling malt, through fermentation, decanting and maturation.

CLASSICAL ELSE: Blonde Ale, typically Belgian, is a pure malt beer of high fermentation, with 6.5% alcohol content, made with malts, hops and imported yeast. It has light body, balanced bitterness and refreshing, malted aroma with bouquet of biscuit and honey. Appreciated harmonization with moqueca and tortilla capixaba, crab cashew, grilled seafood, cheeses of soft mass (gruyère and the like).

ELSE JACARANDÁ: Type Dry Stout, typical of the United Kingdom, black, aroma of roasted malt. It has a light and refreshing body with a chocolate flavor, coffee and roasted malt and light carbonation. It is made with 5 special malts and has 6.8% alcohol content. Hamonizes well with raw ham, salami and other sausages, semi hard cheeses, barbecue, grilled meat, pururuca suckling pig, pork ribs with barbecue sauce.

Address: Estrada Viana – Bahia Nova – Km 6,5 – Viana / ES
Schedule for visits: (27) 99273-7815 / 99273-6612
Commercialization: (27) 99860-6159 / 3319-8110