Right in the center of Venda Nova, in the Avenida Domingos Perim, the main city, the entrepreneur Carmem Feitosa Altoe takes advantage of the last remnants of rural life to produce goat’s milk soaps with plant extracts, socol, jellies, antipasti, sauces and possibly handicrafts in tissue pieces.
Glycerinated soaps of goat milk with different plant extracts are available in the following versions: pure milk, pariparoba, arnica, aloe, marigold, camomile, tansagem, aroeira, sage and honey with propolis. Each of them offers specific benefits to the skin.

As for the seasoning of the Socol Caprinova, the entrepreneur reports her inspirations: “Our maternal ancestors are from the Tyrol (Autonomous Province of Trento, Northern Italy), where in each commune the culinary customs had their peculiarities. It’s a fantastic heritage. ” Dedicated, Carmen writes in writing her observations regarding the different batches of her production, observing the influence of the climate, for example, on the final product. “You need to seek balance to produce handmade. If it’s cold or hot, the care changes.”
Another offer of Caprinova are different jellies: from pineapple with pepper, pineapple with ginger, lemon Siciliano, Mexica Ponkan and Orange. The first two, more spicy, developed and appropriate to be consumed with thin slices of socol. And all jellies can be added as seasoning for salads and other entrees.
The sauces produced by Caprinova are: sauce with suggo (of pure tomato) and Orange with mint. The first excellent to consume with pasta and the second with meat.
Caprinova antipasti are: Dry tomato, eggplant and spicy eggplant, palmito with cod and palm hearts with spicy cod, sweet and sour palmetto and palmito with capers. Great products, flavored with herbs and spices and indicated as entree, filling and accompaniments of several dishes.
The entrepreneur Carmem also makes, according to the availability of time, some manual works such as dish cloths and retail pillows.

The visit to Caprinova, will mainly result in a very tasty conversation and full of flavors and perfumes ….