A place full of history that welcomes visitors to enjoy delicious yogurts and hours of rest and leisure. So is the Agroturismo Valentim, in Domingos Martins, where the Bergamin / Pizzol family works together in the production of high quality dairy products and offers a playful structure capable of entertaining the whole family for hours.
With a wide variety of high-quality products, the family has united the knowledge of yoghurt manufacture, artisan production and the guarantee of the local raw material to offer tourists yoghurts and cheeses that stand out for their taste and texture. There are more than 40 varieties of yogurts, in the traditional, Greek and zero – zero fat and zero sugar addition versions. You can also taste the fresh and standard minas cheese, in addition to the unique heart-shaped minas cheese.
More than tasting light, creamy yogurts with plenty of fruits from the region, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a structure suitable for rest and leisure. Just inside the entrance portal, a well-colored panel with the Valentines mascot (a cupid with a light yoghurt ‘mustache’) welcomes the visitor.
To make the experience even more appealing to the little ones, space features slide, rocking and doll house and even offers pony rides. They can also appreciate calves, rabbits and birds, which are part of the complex specially built for the children.
Everything was thought to welcome well the visitor and his family, who has a place to rest and spend some hours next to nature. The space is beautiful, full of history, with many flowers and surrounded by remnants of the Atlantic forest, which also provides a rich fauna, mainly with different birds coloring and filling the place even more with poetry.
Agroturismo Valentim is located at Km 12 of Highway ES-165, with easy access to the asphalt. Come visit us!